A slice of Wednesday: Another Lemon Slice


Adam does not have a sweet tooth in his head. (Pass him the olives and the fetta any time of day.)

But some weeks he'll look up from the laptop and say, just ever so slightly folornly, that slice looked nice. 

Because mostly it's made, photographed and out the door before he's even sniffed it. 

Not this one. Not because he's marvellous or because I think he'll particularly love this one, but because I whipped it together at 9am this morning and was pressing it into the pan at 9.15am when I needed to be walking out the door with it at 9.45am. 

This slice takes longer than half an hour to properly firm up. Just so you know. 

(I took Buena Vista Farm Biscotti instead.)



Suddenly there is a slice in the fridge. 

This is not, for me, a particularly good idea and I think I'll carry it to a neighbour tomorrow. Less a piece or two for Adam.

It's a lemony slice. I scribbled down a similar lime slice recipe from an old Better Homes and Garden's magazine as I sat with Henry at the Ear, Nose, Throat surgeon last week. I don't have limes on a tree though. It's another super quick one, with ingredients you can keep on hand for emergencies. 


(This is the endy bit which is usually the only bit Adman ever sees of a slice.)


Lemony Slice


200g white chocolate

395g tin of condensed milk

250g packet Nice (or sweet) biscuits, crushed

1 cup flaked almonds

1 cup shredded coconut

zest and juice of 2 lemons



Gently heat the chocolate and the condensed milk together in a big saucepan on the slove, stirring constantly, until the chocolate melts. 

Into this mix stir the crushed biscuits, the almonds, coconut and lemon juice and zest. Mix well.

Press into a greased, floured and paper-lined standard slice tin (approx 13 cm x 27 cm) and chill in fridge for at least an hour until firm.



It's sweet and sticky and lemony and coconutty and altogether marvellous. 

Sorry Adman, this one's leaving the house first thing in the morning. That or I'm going to be up a dress size by the weekend.


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