Slice of Wednesday: Mars Bar Slice





I would not ever have thought of making this slice if my Mum had not come out before we set off blackberrying on Saturday and asked me if I remembered the recipe to Mars Bar Slice. I did, although I had not made it for, no exaggeration, about twenty five years. Eek. 

Not trusting my decrepit memory she went off to google it, techno whizz that she is, and when we came back a couple of hours later, there was Mars Bar slice to have with tea. 





If you ask me, it's not a particularly economical slice to make, and most slices kinda are. Really, slices are more your budget end of sweet treats, aren't they? Isn't that why we love them so much? (That, and the delicious slickness of slicing into a slice. Love that.)

You've got your box of rice bubbles, which we don't keep in stock in this pantry of ours, plus Mars Bars – four of them. How long since you bought a Mars Bar? I found myself a little shocked at inflation and looked to see if I also had tuckshop arms about now. Really, I must have turned into my grandmother already.

But if you can get over the shock of paying almost eight dollars in confectionary this is a super easy and fast fast fast slice to make, and what is not to love. Melt down the bars and the butter, stir into the rice bubbles and it sets in the pan on the bench in under an hour. 

Top with some completely unnecessary chocolate and some unspeakably unnecessary white chocolate squiggles and there you have it. Boxed and at the back of the cupboard for a quick deportation to morning tea.







There are a hundred variations on this recipe, and I think when Mum made it on the weekend she used just 90g melted butter, 3 bars and 3 cups of rice bubbles. This lends itself to better bubble coverage and an overall chewier slice. I've made it the way I remember it. 


4 x 53g Mars Bars

125g butter, melted

4 x cups rice bubbles


Put the bars and the butter in a saucepan over a low heat and stir till melted and combined. 

Stir through the rice bubbles and press down into a standard slice tin (18cm x 28cm). Put aside to set.

Once set you can ice it with chocolate if desired.

Cuts into about 16 bars.





That was fun.


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