Slice of Wednesday: Peanut Brittle Slice


This slice had so much potential.

My Armageddon slice, because who knew I still had butter and sugar!? (This was the end of the white sugar stash.)

It even involved a cheat. Flour. I had 5kg of gorgeous white bakers flour left over from Bikkie baking for the last two days and I brought it home with me. I know, dreadfully naughty. I even have a flour-for-sourdough-and-eggs trade lined up for the end of the week but I cheated. And also made two enormous loaves of fluffy white bread today with it which the kids ate like it was cake, spread with butter in big slabs. 

I'm unrepentent. And we're at day 24. 

So this slice was making use of a bag of chopped peanuts I had stashed, I think with this slice in mind, and only just past their due-by date.

I love peanut brittle, and I thought this might just work.






You know, it didn't not work, it's peanut brittle on a slice base. What's not to like? I even had the sense to score it before it hardened, so we have kind of even pieces. 

Honestly though, I think make the brittle, and make a different slice. The top doesn't really stick on the base so well, and the processed chopped peanuts tasted funny. I hope this whole wholesome food escapade hasn't wrecked convenience food for me for ever. Not that I ever intend to buy bagged up chopped peanuts again. Whole nuts would have been tastier.

So you know what? I'm not even going to suggest you waste your time with this particular recipe except to say the base was inoffensive and would serve well under pretty much any slice: just 1 cup flour + half cup brown sugar + 125g melted butter. And the brittle was delicious: I boiled 2 cups of white sugar + 1 cup of water for about 15 minutes until it changed from clear to golden then quickly stirred in 75g of chopped butter. I poured it over the dreadful nuts spread on the cooled slice base, and voila, rock-hard peanut brittle about 10 minutes later. 

Now if I only had some white sugar and delicious fresh nuts I'd be back in the kitchen!!

Dinner tonight was left over rooster soup poured over the top of two finely diced and cooked onions, with three cups of rice stirred in and some fresh herbs. Lid on, risotto fifteen minutes later. It didn't have the lovely slick consistency of proper risotto, but it's wasn't bad! And the leftovers will make tasty rice balls tomorrow.

If you are sitting down with a book or a movie, do you ever eat peanut brittle? What's your sweet treat? 


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