Slice of Wednesday

In the spirit of open and honest friendship I won't mislead you for a second: I don't have a slice for you today. Not even a bit of one.

My excuse is that the (marvellous) group of friends I get together with every Wednesday for whom I make the slice, didn't meet today, due to the teachers' strike (which I one hundred percent support by the way – why does it seem so hard to pay our State teachers properly? It seems obvious to me. It's a critical role. Pay them properly!! Grrr.)

Where was I.

Er yes, Slice of Wednesday Fail.

So from the moment Henry flung himself out of bed hip hip hooraying that he didn't have to go to school (untill 11am) today has been chaos. 

There was the treading in dog poo moment when hanging out the washing. Awesome.

The glass of milk left on the edge of a table by someone whose name rhymes with silly, naturally smashed to the floor by rampant sixteen month old. 

The dogs who didn't quite get walked due to running too many errands and babies naps.

Watching the rain come in when I was at least ten minutes drive from the clothelines and its three loads of laundry.

Three nappy covers torn off the line by bored puppies who can jump really high, one unrecoverable.

A teething baby.

That baby hightailing it into the bathroom after bathtime and getting back in the empty but still very wet bath in her jarmies. Soaked. 

Making time to bake a small bikkie order tonight and discovering I'd brought an extra bag of flour from the storeroom behind the commercial kitchen, and no brown sugar. Too late to go back. 

So no slice. No pretty pictures. 

Barely a sense of humour. 

Please, give me a slice of your day. Tell me something that made you smile. 

I had a cup of tea with a lovely friend who has four children and doesn't mind chaos. That made me smile. 



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