slow learner

You know, I talk a lot. 

I can probably really go on about stuff sometimes. 

And notwithstanding everything I know and have learnt (mostly the hard way), I can still be bloody stoopid sometimes.

Like today. When Henry and Tilly were going BESERK at playgroup and I was thinking they were both wacko but maybe they'd been cooped up this week because of the rain? 

And then I remembered they'd both eaten quite a lot of pickles for morning tea. 


Specifically, these. 

And so I looked on the back. Which I usually do before I buy anything but I'd had a rough day yesterday and was enjoying grocery shopping late at night listening to my ipod so I was lazy. I didn't check the ingredients list.

And there it was. Colour 102. Real name Tartrazine and proven to be linked to hyperactivity, migraines, behavioral problems and chromosome damage. As if anyone would knowingly feed such stuff to their kids let alone someone who claims to know better. 

Please check the numbers in the food your kids are eating. My kids went mental today after eating these. Yelling (more than usual), throwing themselves on the ground, oppositional. Miserable. Hard work. 

If you're ever not sure, check Additive Alert, it's a fantasic online resource.

Wonder what will happen to Adam if he eats a whole jar, less what the kids had??

Let's see.


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