Hi! We've wound down a bit here.

There's a lot of tea (me) and protein-enriched milkshakes (Tilly – on a hunger strike) and diluted organic apple juice (Henry) and talk about:

:: When is the baby coming out, Mum?

:: How did the baby get into your tummy? (I passed this one to Adam. It was early. Our coffee machine is in being fixed. And he's awesome at questions like these.)

:: Did God kill the dinosaurs?

:: If you're a vegetarian do you eat leaves?

:: Can we call the new baby Hen? (- Henry. Me: don't you think we might get you muddled up? Henry: No. *blank look*. My name is Henry.)

:: Can we call the new baby Tilly? (- Henry. Me: We already have a Tilly. Henry: No we don't. Her name is Matilda. *blank look* . Me: Ask your father.)

:: Mum, are you asleep or are you pretending? (Me: I'm asleep. Yes I know I'm sitting at the dinner table. Eat your noodles.)

:: Mum can you make me a shrinking hat? 

Found one among the woollens, didn't make it:

:: Can you still see me? I'm the size of a pea now. I can fit in the doll's house. 

 :: You won't tread on me, will you? BE CAREFUL!

:: Did you give Tilly a vanishing hat?


2 Comments on “slowdown

June 15, 2010 at 9:41 am

“:: Can we call the new baby Hen? (- Henry. Me: don’t you think we might get you muddled up? Henry: No. *blank look*. My name is Henry.)”


Sarah B
June 15, 2010 at 10:12 am

I love it with kids that you can think they really ‘get’ something, and be really quite grown up, then they come out with things that make you realise they really don’t get it, at all!

Our Henry (5) has been saying to people “the builder will have our house finished in 7 days, then we will move back in”. (He has seen the house, literally the whole back half, including kitchen and living areas, as been totally destroyed and removed, it is now dirt). I say “7 months Henry, that is how long it will take” “How long is that?” “About 210 days” He looks puzzled for a moment then says “but it will still be 7 days won’t it?”


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