smartie cookies

Smarties! What kid does not love a smartie, I ask you? I never thought I'd be the kind of parent rewarding kids with coloured chocolate buttons, but there you go. I do. Two smarties have big pull in this house. And you know what: they no longer have artificial colours or flavours in them!

I know. They're still Smarties, i.e. pure sugar. But if you're going to give kids a treat, it's great that at least it's not carcinogenic, right?

I was going to make these bikkies for Henry's party but we had visitor biscuits instead (which apparently I have not blogged in their nude form, note to self;) and gingerbread men (as well as cupcakes, chocolate birthday cake, vegetarian 'sausage' rolls, spinach and leek quiche and fresh popped popcorn. And watermelon. And kamut & puffed rice crackles. I admit it. I used the kids birthday party as an excuse to cook up a kitchen-full. Happiness in a cake tin. Then took the remainders to a friend's house on Tuesday before I ate it all.)

Anyway Henry's best friend was coming for afternoon tea and a play today. Cookie tray at the ready, I tried out something a little bit new.



(or biscuits if you're my Mum and hate the Americanisation of biscuits and patty cakes)


125g butter, melted

2 tblsp raw sugar

1 egg

2 cups self raising flour

½ cup rice flour

2 tblsp milk

Smarties to decorate


Mix melted butter and sugar then add egg. Stir through flours and add milk last. It'll be kind of crumbly so knead with your hands until it comes together. Wrap in cling film and put into fridge for 15 minutes.

Roll out to about ½ cm thickness and cut with cookie/biscuit cutter. Decorate with smarties and bake in moderate oven (180°C) for 10 mins or until golden. Makes 24.


The rice flour makes these light and a bit short. Soft and delicious.

Tip: This kind of biscuit mix freezes really well. If you don't need the whole batch, freeze half by rolling into a log and wrapping in cling film. Rather than defrost it when you're ready to bake the next batch, just slice ½ cm rounds and bake from frozen. Too easy.

And if you can look at that photo without sniggering you're more of a grownup than I am.


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