so happy to see you


A friend of mine was sitting with me at my kitchen table recently when Adam came home. She told me afterwards how genuinely happy I obviously was to see him. 

I'm am always happy to see him. He's my favourite part of the day.

We celebrated fifteen years last month, this fella and I. Eight of them married, all of them an adventure. 

We bought each other an apple tree to go in our "orchard". Which is now three trees! 




Did you know only certain apples pollinate each other? You cannot have an orchard of just Fuji apples. I'm learning about apples. 



There won't always only be three spindly trees here.

That little girl won't always need to be watched like a hawk in case she high tails it towards the fence. 



I hope there's someone in your house that you are happy to see every day. It's good for the soul, right?

I'm happy to see you too, thanks for stopping in here!


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