some days are just more exciting than others








Just to remind us what total amateurs we are, Adam went this morning to build a farrowing nest for our girl pig who we suspected might be pregnant, and discovered we had piglets. Eleven of them. 

Of course it happened the first morning Dad was home. Not yesterday. Not two days ago. The first morning. Of course it did. Because we desperately need at least one person in the paddock who knows what they are doing. We were grateful he was here. He and Adam quickly built a safe cage around her and undertook some emergency fencing. Dad kept an eye on the circling crows, who apparently go for the wee little eyes, nasty buggers. 

I'm also grateful to my eleven-year-old friend Emily for the last photo here of her Mum, my dear friend Linda, holding one of our new charges. 

Fiasco farming at its best, Adam said.

PIGLETS! Hooray!




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