spring chickens





Even though we raise lots of tiny baby chickens, these little tiny baby chickens are a bit special to me because they came naturally. Not out of an incubator. Not from a hatchery at day old. But from my breeding pair (trio actually) of Barred Plymouth Rocks. 

I love these chickens. I think they're beautiful. We won't keep all of them, or even many of them probably, they're destined for the Berry Poultry auction when they're big enough, and will hopefully grace someone else's backyard who will think they're as pretty as I do. 

The rescued chickens from the abandoned nest are hatching slowly in the incubtor. Five so far. And I'm sneaking them under the mother hen at night and hoping she won't notice she's raising some foster chicks. 

Check out the look she's giving one of the "teenage" plymouths in the last photo! Hilarious.

Have you got a thing about chickens too? 

I'm sure I'm not the only one around here. 



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