Starting the week like I mean it.


I've been forgetting to blog. I apologise if you've checked in here to find me away. I was baking a gazillion bikkies for market stalls, finally getting proper egg labels for our cartons (not just home printed ones that need glueing on!), trying to figure out if I can make something edible from all the stinging nettles springing up around here, and most enjoyably of all, hanging out with a visiting sister. Hooray!

My most beloved Naomi is here at present.

And with her, two divine nieces who are so much bigger than they were just six months ago. 

We're having a bundle of fun.

Everywhere I look there are cousins playing. Gardening. Trampolining. It's awesome. 





We've been busy talking to a distributer who wants to pick up our bikkies. We went to a cattle auction and came home without a cow. We bought our first roll-away nesting box, more on that this week. We've been contracted to grow broiler chickens for an amazing local restaurant, The Hungry Duck, and we're so excited to be on David Campbell's menu because the man can COOK. 

We cooked a huge leg of homegrown pork for my Dad's birthday lunch (I say "we" and I mean Adam and Dad, I was selling biscuits!) and apart from being delicious, it fed the whole extended family that day then as pork fried rice, pork pie and pork lasagne for the next week. (I think we're porked out for now.)

This week I'm not going to rush around frenetically then forget to bake any bread or take a single photo. 

I'm starting a new sourdough starter since my freneticness killed the last one. 

I'm doing my pilates exercises.

I'm making a slice for Slice of Wednesday.

I'm making time for tea with the people I adore (one of whom DID come home from the cattle auction with a cow!)





Honestly, you'd swear she was checking the fences.



Is there something that amidst the flurry makes you feel sane? Finding a use for nettles? Making a loaf of bread? A big glass of red wine?

For me: being here. It's better than a prescription drug. (I assume.)

Hope your week is shaping up deliberately too.



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