stir fry for small fry

I don't know about you but damn I've made a few stir frys in my time.

Not so many lately; they were the kind of dinner I made a lot of before the kids joined us. The after-work, on-the-fly, protein-heavy dinner we used to love.

Time to rekindle the love, I think.

This one, above, came together so quickly, for me it challenges the old pumpkin soup as the quickest dinner from chopping board to table.

There's no recipe for stir fry, just inspiration.

I usually start with onion, garlic and ginger, peanut oil or sesame oil or both, olive oil works fine but sesame oil has fabulous flavour.

Lots of fresh vegies – carrot, mushroom, zucchini, broccoli and red capsicum in this one. Some herbs if you have them – coriander works well. About half a cup of vegie stock to get it all cooking.

I served this stir fry with cous cous made on vegie stock. You don't even cook it! Cous cous into bowl, stock in, lid on, voilĂ !

If I wasn't making it hoping small people would eat it I'd add lots of fresh chilies, maybe a squeeze of lemon or lime.

And did they eat it?

They tried it. Actually, Henry ate it. Tilly ate the mushrooms.

If it only takes 10 minutes to make then I'm more inclined to let them have a slice of bread and butter after they've tried dinner. If it takes an hour and it's fiddly and there's a mountain of washing up… well at least it's grainy homemade bread. No fighting over food.

Hope your dinner went down a treat tonight.


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