strange sugar-free life



So here we are, in it. At the end of the first day without sugar. I feel a bit vague. I sailed through the day and even the afternoon without any trouble, and there is approximately 4kg of chocolate stored in bins in this house at present. Also biscuits. All bagged, sealed and labelled but so much for getting rid of all temptation!

It was after dinner that caught me. Saved by a peanut. 

Thanks for your kind comments pointing me to Sarah Wilson, I just read her eBook, it's very good. Encouraging, sensible, phased. 

I like her 'this is an experiment' approach, so as not to freak out on day three and give up. Also her initial cut back theory for at least the first few days, to begin the adjustment. And so I put a small teaspoon of honey in the litre of yoghurt I made today. I'll make it with no honey next week. 

That's it. That's my cheat. 

Off to make some chai tea, another Sarah Wilson genius suggestion. 

This is going to work. I know it. 


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