Sometimes all it takes is six new strings to make a good day a great day. 

Do you play?

I learnt the guitar, well, three chords, when I was in primary school. My sister Naomi and I used to play "You are my sunshine" and we were sure that we were awesome. 

It wasn't until I got to uni and my house mother at college was a very very good guitarist that I moved beyond those three chords. My friend Anna and I were sure we were actually The Indigo Girls. 

And then that favourite guitar sat in it's case, with two broken strings, for about seven years and three children. 

I tripped over it in my study last week and it made a discordant twang when the case hit the ground. 

So as a break in quality testing biscuits and a distraction to the sugar, I've restrung it. I found my way around "You are my sunshine" and some old favourite Indigo Girls numbers. 

And I love the way the kids strum it as they walk past (no longer in its case but out in the lounge room, ready to be picked up.)

Hope your day was ace too, lovely folk. 



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3 Comments on “strum

August 24, 2011 at 4:54 am

I have to get the Husband to restring my guitar. All I can do with it is play it. He does everything else – tune it, restring it, shake lost toast out of it … Oh yes, I’m not making that up.

Charley @Secret_Water
August 24, 2011 at 8:52 pm

My trumpet has been sitting in the top shelf of the wardrobe for too long. Trouble is neighbours don’t appreciate trumpets as much as guitars! Happy strumming!

International Woman of Mystery
August 24, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Am on my pat malone this week and can I say, the lovely people at Pret a Manger have been making my day a bit greater. Okay, so I have already been there twice this week while killing time during Georgia’s pre-school arvo. And I know it sounds a bit sad but they are so lovely and cheerful and helpful and give Rose a free cookie. Plus the coffee is good (and not too pricey) and comes with a pretty star on it. Simple like a strung guitar: a friendly face (presenting you with good coffee).


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