talking pictures

The photographable stories today: 

1. Teddies on the line. Bit of an accident in a small bed. Who knew how many teddies could be involved? 


 Indicative of the favoured few: there were actually more on her bed but these were the potentially affected ones. Each has a back-story, just like all our children's toys. 

2. Gorgeous lilies

I read somewhere that flowers on a table inspire you to clean off the table around the lovely flowers, which makes you then review the mess on the floor underneath and then sort out the room around the table etc. It's true, I think. 

Adam and I are clearing out, boxing up and rearranging, finding room for our new little one who'll be joining us end June/early July. It's fun. And easier with gorgeous and inspiring flowers in view. 

The stories not photographed today:

1. Laughing out loud with Henry's very funny occupational therapist before school.

2. The marvellous midwives at the hospital I'm booked into – I always feel thoroughly cared for when I visit for a checkup. 

3. Reading Between The Wines bookclub, which met at our place tonight, over wine (or tea for the pregnant lady) and yummy coffee biscuits there was a bit of literary discussion. I adore it. It's a wonderful mix of people and there is always some pithy talk and lots of laughing. Perfect. We read Shantaram this month. Next month: Peter Carey's My Life as a Fake.

Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday!


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