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Now I know you're reading this, because I get stats. And I even get lots of lovely emails from people who want to chat but don't want to comment on the blog. I'm really not sure why. I read every comment and love it love it love it.

One lovely friend who obviously wishes to stay nameless refers to herself as a cyber voyeur. No commenting rule.

But this is important

I was talking to my marvellous workmate Ben today (Hi Benoss) and we were talking about chai. My FAVOURITE drink. (After shiraz.)

All tea is a journey to peacefulness, frankly. You can imagine it's youthful start here:


Handpicked into baskets, trekking along these rows here:


*sigh* Is the kettle on yet?


And CHAI. Well. Chai has that fantastic spicy pepperyness that is a whole other world of tea fabulousness.

I drink chai and am SO RELAXED I look just like this:


Really. It's a miracle.

No, seriously, I want, I need, chai recipes. Please?? The best chai I've ever had was at Badde Manors cafe in Glebe and I'd swap a small child for that particular recipe. 

So if any of you non-commenters out there have any spicy indian tea recipes, please let's have them!

Meanwhile, it's English Breakfast.



Thanks to Microsoft clip art for the pics today!!

3 Comments on “tea time

August 14, 2009 at 10:10 am


not really a recipe but ingredients for a good chai are:
-black tea
-fresh ginger
-star anise
-soy milk
-honey to taste

get into it before winter ends!

Melissa Linardon
August 14, 2009 at 8:23 pm

I still haven’t acquired the taste for chai. I am still besotted with my fabulous coffee shop in cronulla that does legendary lattes, which i only get once or twice a week. When in the mood i like a good jasmine green tea that i get from a chinese massage place plus good old english breakfast is good when only real tea will do. Maybe one day the need to try chai will come. Until then its coffee latte all the way for me.

August 15, 2009 at 7:39 pm

It’s Lady Grey for me at the moment. Haven’t ventured to the chai side, just can’t get passed the milkiness. (I agree re: comments, why don’t people comment?)


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