tea time


Now I know you're reading this, because I get stats. And I even get lots of lovely emails from people who want to chat but don't want to comment on the blog. I'm really not sure why. I read every comment and love it love it love it.

One lovely friend who obviously wishes to stay nameless refers to herself as a cyber voyeur. No commenting rule.

But this is important

I was talking to my marvellous workmate Ben today (Hi Benoss) and we were talking about chai. My FAVOURITE drink. (After shiraz.)

All tea is a journey to peacefulness, frankly. You can imagine it's youthful start here:


Handpicked into baskets, trekking along these rows here:


*sigh* Is the kettle on yet?


And CHAI. Well. Chai has that fantastic spicy pepperyness that is a whole other world of tea fabulousness.

I drink chai and am SO RELAXED I look just like this:


Really. It's a miracle.

No, seriously, I want, I need, chai recipes. Please?? The best chai I've ever had was at Badde Manors cafe in Glebe and I'd swap a small child for that particular recipe. 

So if any of you non-commenters out there have any spicy indian tea recipes, please let's have them!

Meanwhile, it's English Breakfast.



Thanks to Microsoft clip art for the pics today!!

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