ten good things

A good friend suggested that last post was a lament. Not intentionally.

That's the weird thing about blogging, a post is often a static moment in time, caught, wrapped up and frozen, and actually the very next day perhaps the crazy wind died down and the washing got done and maybe not one but three loaves of bread actually got made. 

I tend to err on the side of honest, here, too. I'd love to think that we were living this completely collected, wholesome, fruitful and deliberately simple life, but I have lots of friends who read this blog who'll call it if I start crapping on like I'm some fabulously child-focussed and endlessly creative peaceful mama. It's just not true. I wish it was, and so sometimes I wave my hands frantically hoping to magic up domestic utopia. If you write it, it'll happen, right? 

Let's give it a go. 

There's at least ten good things going on amidst the hand flapping and the working and the imagining;




1. We've planted three more apple trees plus a cherry tree. Our "orchard" is still a bunch of sticks, but one day it won't be. 





2. Our first lot of 'overlapping' broilers arrives this week. This means the current lot of meat birds, 3 weeks old, go out to the paddock and the next chickens go into the brooder box. Which means we have 140 on the go. For another three weeks until the next batch arrive and we officially have a three stage meat bird program and, gasp, a little bit of a business. This is very cool. Best bit: we've arranged to sell quite a number of them to our favourite local restaurant, The Hungry Duck which takes the pressure off marketing them. Hooray!



3. Feral farm kids. 



4. Pigs. Oh, pigs. There's a fiasco farming story to follow, as soon as we can talk about it. And when I say 'we' I mean Adam. *cough*. Any day now. 



5. Eating stuff you've grown yourself. (Next time will grow from seed and ensure soil is a tad sandier!)


6. Dogs.



7. Beautiful pasture. Even in this long, long dry spell. 



8. Farm cats. (That's where my dressing gown belt went, wee bugger.)


9. Cows. Agisted here. Maybe I can sneak one off to a back paddock? 


10. Homemade bread. 



Can you find ten, ya reckon?

Tell me one? 

Do you think cherries will grow here? Cold enough?

Are you late in getting your seeds out and getting them into trays too? (Or is that just me?!)

And really, where did she put my dressing down belt when it ceased to be a tail?


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