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I missed you!

We were offline over here for quite a while and then when the Telstra line was finally replaced and we got back online, I forgot how to blog.

It felt a bit indulgent, like there was work to be done and I was messing around writing about it and not actually doing it. 

But without it, I'm a bit less. There's time for both, I've decided, and there is still definitely time for craft – more on that tomorrow!

We're on the farm, we've nearly sold out of the last batch of broilers and our many hens are starting to come into lay just as we start regularly selling eggs to regular customers. 

Our first two pigs are in the freezer – I must tell you about our morning at the butcher, it was so interesting! – and we're planning pastured broiler pens and winter vegies and spring bees and summer coffee plantings. 

And here is a photo I received today of our farm! It was taken by a fantastic photographer called Graham Ezzy who took it from the air last Saturday. We are very grateful to him! 

Are you very well?

And do you feel like a farm visit soon?! I hope so! I'll keep you posted on the plans. Meanwhile we are over at Gerringong Rotary Markets this weekend with Bikkies, come and say hello if you're in the area. And if you're not, stay tuned for a Bikkie giveaway coming soon!


Buena Vista

Photo by Graham Ezzy


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