The Amazing Milkwood



Ad and I went out to Mudgee a week or so ago to the Milkwood Field Day. Amazing. It seems impossible you wouldn't know who they are if you've got half an ear to the ground, but in case you don't, think amazing permaculture farm complete with inspired education program and a whole team of talented people gathered together. 

The field day was fabulous. We've been following this farm from the time Kirsten and Nick moved out there, years ago now, and they started posting vlogs about compost and foraging for trees in a nearby abandoned orchard. Kirsten is from around here orginally and is a bit of a design and social media genius, and tells an engaging story. We were stoked to go and see the farm.

This, above, is Nick, her partner, going on about poo. He makes it quite fascinating. Behind him is the composting toilet they built. One of the amazing things about Milkwood is seeing the permaculture principle of zero waste in action. Everything is cycled and made useful. It was inspiring.


Their chookhouse is on a slope so the chook waste eventually moves downhill for collection and composting. The sides of the roosting room are haybales, regularly replaced and thrown down as mulch. 



We're in the middle of debating Warre hives over traditional here at Buena Vista. Traditional is winning but far out Milkwood make a great argument for Warre

So, despite your anti-consumerism framework, do you ever go into, say, IKEA, and just want to replace, update and acquire everything? I had a moment like that at Milkwood.

Suddenly my life was incomplete without an organic market garden;




or an earthship (or earthbag dome);



or a rocket stove.



Their clever and inventive seedball machine was awesome…



… and they have a heavenly full time chef. Who made heavenly food for lunch almost entirely grown and raised on the property. No wonder their Wwoofer's never leave.


I was already infatuated with the geodesic dome, my friend Amy has one. I'm working on a plan for a Linda Woodrow mandala garden, which the dome is an integral part of. (This is Linda's really wonderful book which is equal parts sensible and giddyingly inspiring. She also has a delicious blog over here.)



The coolest Kirsten. (And me.)



Is there something in your world making you sparkle with inspiration this week?


P.S. Today was day 16 of the Challenge and we had spinach, cream cheese and leek pastie for lunch and a "leftovers" pulled pork and vegie pie for dinner. Delicious. Cruising through on the strength of some well-timed bartering. More of an update tomorrow!



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