dishing the dough

Hey check this out: is this the most attractive thing you've seen all day?

I'm experimenting with more bread recipes. 

I love a loaf. (Apologies to all gluten-free readers.) It's a passion that overcomes all my good sense and I find myself slicing, spreading with butter, and inhaling with no conscious thought.

None at all.

This one, another no-knead but with a LOT less yeast than this well known artisan version, essentially ferments for 18 hours. 

That's long enough to really totally forget about it if you live in a house with three small people that you might just lose if you don't keep an eye on them. 

My baby does not sleep through the night.

I am really very extremely tired. Adam refers to it as a sleep debt life will never repay. (Oh, it'll pay. I plan to be very old one day.)

What was I saying? So as not to entirely forget what this bubbling bowl of attractiveness was I left myself a note:

Remember to bake at 4.30pm on Wednesday.

Which I did but had lost access to the recipe by then, sent to me by an old pal Sue, as a New York Times link.

I recalled it was s'posed to be baked in a dutch oven to improve its crustiness. 

Did that bit.



It's a good bread. Quite sour-doughy. I didn't totally rate the baking in the Le Creuset – Adam gave me a pizza stone for Christmas which has the same effect, particularly if you create steam with a pan of water on the bottom shelf.


Nice holey structure, right? 

I didn't follow the recipe because I'm truly hopeless at following instrutions. Also, I didn't believe a loaf of bread would actually rise with only a quarter of a teaspoon of yeast. 

I'm making it again overnight tonight and will post the result of batch number two and the recipe on the weekend. 

So whatcha cooking? Anything bubbling on your bench?


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