the flipside

For every story there’s another one.

For every earnest heart wishing for a small farm in a friendly town with an orchard and room for chickens and a big veggie garden, there’s an orchardist lying in bed tonight wondering how he’s going to pay his water bill and how he’ll keep those damn chickens out of the veggie patch.

For every exhausted working mother facing down the long fortnight of a school holiday juggle, complete with guilt and deadlines, there’s a stay at home mother itching to do something else, tired of quiet coffee in a clean house, feeling frustrated and undervalued. 

For every nasty comment I get, I get three delightful emails from people who might be on the other side of the world but feel a connection in this little corner of the internet. Thank you, it’s funny how we can fixate on the negative and find one critcism can overwhelm any sense of achievement. Actually all I wanted to achieve this week was a habit, almost daily blogging, and I think I’ve achieved it. It’s a habit I’ve wanted to re-form for months, (even if it’s late at night!) because I expend an enormous amount of energy getting stuff done at present, and THIS place, this little corner, I do this just for fun. 

For every workshop we pour our hearts into, and hang on by the skin of our teeth hoping the whole idea will fly, we suddenly discover a magical transfer of energy. The amazing people coming through here are energising the hair off our heads. 

I was sent a hand-drawn gift today, from a workshop participant. 



Amazing. Thanks Fiona-Kate. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

For every down, there’s an up and I hope you’re on it too. Thank you so much for dropping in here, and for keeping me up.


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