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Ad and I set up our first outdoor market stall on Saturday in Kiama. 

I've held off doing outdoor markets 'til now – I was nervous about all that bikkie stock going to waste if we were washed out. But we're closer to online sales now (coming soon, have you heard that before?!?) so it's not such a big deal. We're also doing three markets a month now so we can afford to have some rolling stock. 

It was a perfect winter's day.

And check out the view. I feel super lucky that this makes up part of my office. (The other part is the chook yard.)

How 'bout you? 

Where's your office? Do you like it? 

Hope so. Life's short, right? If there's something you love doing and you're not doing it, is it about the money? There's some massive risk and anxiety in hurling security to the wind and pursuing the unsafe road. It's uncertain. I'm just pretty confident that if you do something you're passionate about then that kind of determination is sticky. Good people want to be part of it. It will start to generate it's own energy. And hopefully cover the rent. You'll never know if you don't give it a go and wouldn't that be a shame?

Here's to uncertain, unsafe roads. 

(And delicious biscuits.)



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