the organic market garden



It was only three days ago that I suggested to Ad that we Roundup the organic market garden. (How's that for full disclosure? No one's perfect. Least of all round here.)

We'd started so well. The pigs went in last Autumn. They dug it up beautifully. Then there was a delay in the completion of their new digs up the hill and after the kikuyu grass was all gone, the weeds came back. Pigs don't eat weeds. The weeds grew tall and lush. We're rookies when it comes to clearing and cultivating and I kept looking at those weeds and wondered how we'd clear the paddock. Oh, we had lots of advice. Mostly chemical. Because of course if we just slash it and mulch it we'll just dig those weeds back in. So we need to clear it by hand. When I say 'we', I haven't done much clearing. When I suggested Roundup, Adam was the most shocked I've seen him in ages. He said something along the lines of, sure, why don't we just become Monsanto reps while we're at it?  then, are you kidding? then, you're not kidding. Then, please don't ever suggest spraying Roundup again. We're farming organically. There's your hoe, honey.

And then he went out and hired some expensive labour.



I go on record to declare Uncle Adam is fired from striking enterprise bargaining arrangements with nephews or children. Or maybe I should just go work for him. Conditions were conducive to chatting. Although I have to hand it to them, they worked pretty hard (at times.)




 Thanks, fellas. Weeds were chipped out. We're on our way. 




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