the shirt/dress on her back

I recently made a dress for Tilly. It was a kooky pattern I borrowed from my friend Ali, a design by Denise Knapp of Whimsy Couture which was basically measurements and cut outs… although I'm not really a good enough sewer to cope without a proper pattern!



When I'd finished it though, it was so darn cute, I tried it on. 


(No, I do not iron.)

This is not actually it. This is the second one I made with a slightly bigger neck and armholes. However, as I'm neither a particularly good sewer OR good at maths, this one worked out pretty much the same size as the dress. Which is a little small under the arms. 

What the heck, I really like it. It's cheerful. It's not black or grey. It's my favourite birdy fabric of all time. 



I discussed with Tilly my deep deep fear of mother/daughter matchy matchy and how I thought we should send her version of the dress/shirt to her friend Emily as a late birthday present and I would make her one out of different fabric. 

She agreed cheerfully, she thought Em would love the dress, and how about she just put it on for a minute and we take a photo of matchy matchy just for fun. 



Completely coincidentally, my friend Jo has been making peasant blouses too. 

'Cept hers looks like they'd actually fit.

So I am now off to buy Simplicity pattern 3835. 

And to make another dress for Tilly.



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