the sun’ll come out, tomorrow…

Today was a day of challenges. Actually it was crapola. Capped off by the death of my dear laptop which finds me here, attempting to update my blog on a Mac which is 100 years old and keeps shutting down (it's natural state, obviously.)

I just tried to update the "what's for dinner" page and it forbade me. (Obviously didn't find oodles of noodles with ham and cheese appetizing?) Hopefully this page will be permitted!!

Today was full of running kids around in heavy Sydney traffic, health fund bureaucracy and PC meltdown (which is no small problem as it's the laptop I work from.)

So this afternoon, after being unable to list two grumpy children for sale on eBay due to said PC meltdown (their lucky day) their grumpy mother did what all sensible women do when the alternative is quitting what feels like a motherhood fiasco: we made a chocolate cake. 

I would post you a lovely picture except this computer has already shut down twice as I attempted to load pictures, so I'll just have to describe.

Chocolatey. With lashing of lovely chocolate icing. And sprinkles. Moist. Henry: "delic-y-us".

Another highlight was the buying of gumboots. We're going camping this weekend! HOORAY! In fact, let me try one more time to upload a photo…

Nope. Back again. Photos of marvellous gumboots on small feet forthcoming. (In fact, I could go and take another photo now: Tilly has them on, asleep in bed.)

Husband is now home from watching the State of Origin elsewhere, and has dug out an external hard drive and successfully backed up all my documents and my email file. Marvellous man. 

The day feels redeemed. 

I can forget all the whinging and Henry's refusal to eat afore-mentioned oodles of noodles "TOO EGGY Mum", me resorting to tinned spaghetti (again) and feeling like a nutritional failure. I can forget the demands and the nagging and finally the cuddles and the songs and the playing together and the endearingness of one small pair of sleeping feet shod in gumboots in one bed, and the other child's penchant for sleeping on the floor next to his bed is uppermost in the day.

Betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow will be another adventure.


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