the yoga yogi


I've just started doing yoga again after a hiatus of, let me think, how old is Henry? Five years. The last class I did was a pre-natal yoga class.

I did my first yoga class at fifteen years old in an old hall in Gerroa. My Mum drove me. I've pretty much loved it since then but have waxed and waned with my practice. 

I've been reading Eat, Pray, Love and found an ashram right nearby which practices the same branch of Hatha Yoga Elizabeth Gilbert writes about. (Yes I know, mid life crisis anyone?)

Anyway the class was FANTASTIC and I'm going to see if they can teach me meditation too. Can't hurt, right? I think anyone with two small children, one with special needs and attendant weekly round of therapies and specialists will tend to look for some escape. Coffee, red wine and chocolate were making me sick. I think yoga might be the answer.

Shame that when I dug out my yoga mat I discovered it had been used for some kind of small craft project.

Time for a new mat.


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