things change

1. collect the oranges and mandarins, bag up old ones for Vanessa's pigs

2. bake an ordinary yeasted loaf of bread

3. collect the eggs, feed the chooks

4. shell the peas for the risotto

5. bring in firewood

If you told me ten years ago this would be my to do list for this afternoon, mostly wearing my third baby in a backpack, I'd assume you were in some happy hippy la-la land that had nothing to do with me. 

I love it how things change.

Once upon a time I did not know what a pea pod looked like. I had to read the pack to know how long the frozen peas needed in the microwave.




In other big news, if you've been following along here for any time, you'll know the unlikeliness of me having a large huntsman spider called Garry living on the window of my study

I like being able to see Garry, the surprise factor with largeish spiders is unnerving. If he vanishes for any length of time I feel the need to find him in the vicinity. Not entirely in the interest of his welfare but to mitigate the chance he'll suddenly show up on my desk.

Still, we're cohabiting. That's big. 




I reckon we should make the to do list we want to do. Imagine that, not just the stuff we have to do.

Here's mine. Write it and it will happen?

1. Feed the dogs

2. Order 800 coffee trees

3. Clear the backorders on my small food business

4. Sew Ivy some clothes!

What's the to do list you wish you were doing today? Go on!



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