things to do with beetroot


My mum makes great beetroot. 

She peels it, boils it for half an hour (in water), then puts it in a container of vinegar. That's it. No sugar, no nothing. And it really rocks, all summer we have it in salads, on foccaccia, with BBQs.

My sister Naomi also likes beetroot and this below is currently her favourite salad:

1 beetroot (raw) grated
1 apple grated
1 BIG handful rocket
sunflower seeds (dry roasted in pan, or raw)
some lemon juice
some olive oil

However, because I'm unable to follow instructions, I made a version of this salad today and when I went to grate the beetroot I just couldn't do it. It tasted raw to me. Which is, I think, the idea. Nomie is all about rawness and the vitamins and will probably live to 120 years old she's so damn healthy.

Here's my knocked up version that's nowhere near as virtuous but oh my god it was delicious. (If I may say so. Please don't mind me.)


Big handful kale, washed & torn up
2 beetroot, peeled, chopped and boiled in water for 25 mins
tomato, chopped
cucumber, peeled and chopped
Salmon steak, baked in the oven, flaked
goats cheese
pine nuts and sunflower seeds, dry roasted

That's it. Toss it all together with a smidge of the delicious oil your marinated goats cheese comes with!! So yummy.

In other news, things I wish I'd said out loud today:

1. Well you know, you have a mullet and P-plates and a souped up Ford Falcon, I expect you to drive like an arsehole.

2. That espresso was utter shite. Perhaps try a desk job.

Things I regret saying out loud today:

1. Of course I'll join the fundraising committee. Sounds like fun.

2. I know, they look nothing alike, do they. Different fathers of course.


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