this could be the start of something big

Five days ago I started a sourdough starter, first time. 



I followed Arabella Forge's recipe from her book Frugavore, and used organic rye flour. 

I fed it regularly, made sure it was a comfortable temperature and checked up on it frequently. 



On day five though, Arabella claimed I should be seeing some good bubble action. 

Not really.

So I fled to the old trusty youtube and checked out some video of sourdough starters. Mine did not look particularly alive. Oh dear. Failure to thrive. I'm sure it's not Arabella's fault. Poor, dead sourdough starter.




So I chucked it and started again. 

With white bakers flour (all purpose.)

And after less than 24 hours it's already alive. Bubbly, stretchy, kinda weird. And smells good!



Will report back after day five, hopefully this time with a loaf!

Ever made sourdough? Any tips?


PS Hey I was chuffed to be invited to be May's featured blogger over at Nuffnang! Check it out

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