This is kind of it


I've driven past this farm produce sign dozens of times without stopping. Often it was closed. More often I was on the wrong side of the road and it was kinda hard to turn around. It's sort of nearby here, but out of the way. 

This time I stopped. 



It's just a little kiosk-type stall. An honesty box. Some farm eggs, jams and chutneys, potatos, free lemons (and you know how much I love those) and an honesty box. 



And what's a farm without some excellent solar technology and a very old truck?

This is what I'm hoping for. 

A farm stall. An honesty box? Can I trust people not to sweep twenty bags of Marry Me Caramels into their boot and flee the scene?! Eggs. Honey. Coffee. Meat. Dairy. Bikkies. Jam. Pies. Farm produce. 

Fun, hey?

And you could come and visit!




We are a work in progress, but we are making progress.

Here's to making stuff happen. 

You too?



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