this moment

{this moment}: A Friday tradition with Soulemama. Grab one moment from this week (if you're not too busy being in the moment!) One that you just want to hang onto and not forget.

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I'm going to disobey the rules just this once and add some words to this picture. 

This, above, is the baby who started physiotherapy before he was one because he wasn't moving. This is the toddler who we had to strap into calf-high splints to get him up and walking at two years old. This is the boy who, after years of physio and occupational therapy, we're still told will tire quickly, need supplements, disengage, and need help.

Righto, then. Tell him at five he needs pure maths to be an astronaut and watch him inhaling numbers. Send him to school and watch him connecting and befriending. Drop the supplements and watch his health thrive. Turn off the TV, send him outside and watch him run. 

I'm grateful for all the help we've had, but sometimes I think: all by himself, this kid is going to grow wings and fly.

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