this used to be a food blog



in which I'd bang on about all the delicious things you should be making. Often slicey. Hmmm, Slice of Wednesday. That ran a delicious course. I think we should do a cake of the week. How excited would the peeps around here be if they thought they'd get cake every week? What is not to love about that plan? How about on Mondays? 

That's settled then.

Meanwhile, back to deliciousness I had to pick up the camera for. Oh, garlic. Is there anything you cannot do? You complete a tomato sauce. You start every good soup. You're marvellous rubbed on toast, covered with beans, and wonderful on a pizza, with rosemary. 




We're planning on planting A LOT of garlic this year, in the still-a-mess-of-weeds organic market garden, still in it's very (very) early stages. 

And because we're still working through some of last year's, I thought I'd have a go at preserving it in jars, after seeing this post over at Local is Lovely. Sophie's looked prettier in the jar and I only roasted mine for an hour, not two, but it's so sweet and nutty and perfect if (like me) you're just a bit fed up peeling garlic. Well now I am, after peeling that haul. 


I'm wondering about selling it like this, although it's a bit labour intensive. If you can get hold of some good local garlic, you should have a go at this yourself. 

Basically you need 3 or 4 heads of garlic, cloves seperated and peeled. 

Put them in a casserole dish or heavy pan, and cover them with olive oil. Roast in a slow oven, about 120 degrees C, for somewhere between 1 hour and 2, until cloves are soft and golden. Spoon into a jar (this made 1 x 300ml jar) and cover with oil. 



And as if I could ever take a photo without a child photobombing it. I don't know what he thought this jar contained, but garlic was nowhere near as exciting as what he imagined.


How about that. A recipe. 

Check back, I hear a Monday cake calling.



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