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Years ago now, Adam started asking Henry what his 'three best things' were for the day, at dinner time. Now both Tilly and Henry mostly come to the dinner table prepared, their three best things have already been decided on, maybe as they walk to the table, maybe they thought about it earlier in the day. 

Initially I thought the whole idea might be a bit contrived, I was always a bit self conscious if we had guests and the kids would ask and share. But I love it. There's a little bit of ritual to it. 

And it's essentially Pollyanna, right? 

I came to the dinner table pretty damn cranky tonight. Adam has been away all this week on his final consulting job (could you tell?!) and is back late tonight (hooray!)

I had slow roasted a huge tray of end of season cherry tomatoes last night and the pasta was on the stove and I was up the paddock trying to turn off the windmill (not that easy in high winds) wearing a baby in a backpack. 

I came back to the house just in time to take the pasta off the stove and to find that Henry and Tilly had found a bag of Choccy Choc Choc bikkies and had eaten them all

They were penitent, and deeply sorry to be forsaking Friday Night Dessert Night as a result, and as soon as we sat down Henry asked me my three best things. 

I took a deep breath and managed not to growl but said instead:

:: Having a cup of tea with Ali in her gorgeous airy light-filled loungeroom,

:: Taking a pot of sage to Linda for her birthday with bikkies and a hug,

:: Having Ness drop by and talking about free range chickens and feathernet fencing and feeding chooks oatmeal and comfrey,

:: The fact Mrs Buckman could go to Grandparents day today at school in the absence of other travelling grandparents,

:: Ordering our first proper egg cartons,

:: Talking to a helpful person from NSW Dept of Trade and Investment about our business plan,

:: Putting the beautiful fresh apples from Greenbox on the table in an old cartridge box of my Grandfather's,

:: Watching our egg numbers go up every day,

:: Doing a load of washing in the repaired machine and being grateful we don't have to handwash,

:: Finding a little container of Choc Caramel slice in the back of the fridge from last week (yipee!),

:: Watching Ivy eat a whole apple (so cute),

:: Bedtime is imminent. ("What's 'imminent' Mum?" "Very soon, Tilly.")

Turns out I had four times the requisite best things. Am very grateful. And best of all:

:: Adam's home any minute.

Do you have three? I hope you have a bundle.

Happy Friday, lovely folk.



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March 24, 2012 at 12:59 am

We play a variation of this game at dinner too, worst and best. My two are 13 and 16 years old and we still love it.

Today, after a trying week of rolled and written off pickup and leaking pipe in wall rotting kitchen cupboards my three best are:

:: My husband is cooking dinner tonight, Calzones, for Special Night, our Friday Night ritual.

:: It is raining glorious buckets after weeks of dry thirsty farmlands wilting in the dust.

:: My son served me a cup of tea and leftover cake from a wonderful family wedding we attended, yumminess and happy memories.

:: Our three new hens have settled in enough to start laying, two eggs today.

Oops, got carried away. Joy is always there for the finding.

March 24, 2012 at 1:00 pm

I have some best things, and I think once you start you find more!

* My middle daughter got to ride in the support car whilst travelling to camp.

* I can still function despite ongoing vertigo.

* My therapist made my neck muscles stop hurting!

* Looking forward to some time with some precious girlfriends.

And there will be more throughout the day….I’m sure.

March 24, 2012 at 1:35 pm

3 best things I’m thinking about today? * My sister coming to stay next weekend with her family
* having a lovely long skype with the other sister during the week
* sunshine, pure beautiful, cloudless sunshine, the kind that makes your heart sing!

March 25, 2012 at 9:22 am

How funny – my best thing at the moment has to do with chickens too!

* We are nearly ready for our first girls to arrive to our homestead!
* We are also in the throes of planting out the autumn veggie garden – our first garden here in our new house!
* And no 3 would have to be spending musical time with my awesome and talented sons, who play the clarinet and the trumpet respectively. They rock my world daily.

Ngo Family Farm
March 28, 2012 at 4:31 am

”…managed not to growl…” Priceless! 😀


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