three little pigs (and one even littler one)



Dear vegetarian friends,

It's a long way between meat-free May and vegetarianism and my back paddock right now. 

I just want to tell you this: if we are going to eat meat then we're committed to raising it ourselves if we can, and buying ethically and locally raised meat if we can't. Happy, cared-for animals who live peaceful and unfettered lives on pasture. I think it's what all thinking people want, really.

Yes, these pigs will become bacon. And we are being careful with the children so as to not confuse them in their excitement and love for animals and their dinner plates. 

Turns out kids are more flexible than I thought. 

These pigs, who just arrived today in the back of my station wagon, are also going to dig out the paddock on Mum and Dad's nearby farm in which Adam and I will be planting more coffee trees at the end of the year. Better than Roundup, we think. (We are yet to prove our method to my Dad!)

They'll work over the pasture in fenced segments, eating it up, digging their manure into the soil. Perfect tractors. 

They're here, over at our place, until they are a bit bigger. 

Being super cute. 

And very, very funny to watch.



They have their very own comic timing. 



We have three who are about 6 weeks old from one litter and this one, above, about two weeks younger. He is super cute.



Only problem will be splitting all the scraps between the chooks, the pigs and the worms! The pigs got all the old bread today, soaked in water. They hit jackpot with a failed malt loaf I've been working on! Hopefully they won't get too many more loaves before it's good to blog.

Malt loaf. Appropriate for vegetarians.

Yours in respect for animals, (and we hope you'll still come and visit),




P.S. Thanks to our friend Darren who led the way with pig-raising on small acre lots, and who put us in touch with the breeder. You rock, mate.


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