Three New Excitements


One of my favourite favourite favourite things to do is to talk about books. 

And weirdly enough, I've never been in a bookclub. None of my friends have ever started one!

So I decided to. And we meet for the first time tomorrow night, and I'm really excited! Some of the most interesting people I know, all in my loungeroom, sipping wine/tea/coffee and chatting about fiction. AWESOME. 

And we even have a great name thanks to Rachel, we're called Reading Between The Wines. 

Something else exciting:



It's Mum's, a terrificly heavy sturdy old Singer. The same one I sewed my own High School Formal dress on (a lace tablecloth and sheet ensemble, dyed green. Sadly there doesn't seem to be photographic verification that it wasn't as tragic as it sounds.)

I used to sew all the time. I may now struggle to even thread the bobbin. 

I really borrowed it to sew some frocks for Tilly but I do have some stashes of fabric for a couple of other projects! Stay tuned! 

And lastly:


The significance of these two new things is actually neither the excellent new sunnies in preparation for a fantastically fun summer, or the BRAND NEW DIANA GABALDON, number 7 in the Outlander series and there goes three nights sleep… but the fact Henry and I went to Westfield, post work and pre-school (Tilly still at daycare) and managed to buy sunglasses, a novel and go to the bank and it was actually quite fun

I remember my friend Catriona's euphoric first trip to the shops with no nappy bag, no changes of clothes, just two small girls, one attached to each hand, and her wallet.

It felt like that. REALLY good. 

OK. I have an excellent novel to disappear into.

Tell me one exciting thing! Something new! Something that has made you buzz!


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