three things

Three things from me and then hopefully you:

1. Highlight of the week?

Henry Bean getting a merit certificate at school assembly today for excellent handwriting. Could I have been more proud of him? Not possible. 

2. Favourite dinner of the week?

I called Adam at 5pm looking for motivation and inspiration for dinner and he optimistically suggested either salad or some kind of protein and veg combination (he's a healthy man.) I unfortunately ignored all suggestions and cooked my favourite Friday-night-I'm-pooped-and-just-want-pasta dinner: garlic, onion, crispy bacon, sliced button mushrooms, poached chicken, grated cheddar and 2 big spoons of sour cream cooked into creamy yumminess mixed with 100% Australian durum wheat pasta. We make the best pasta in Australia, I don't care what the Italians say. Adam came back for thirds, for the record.

3. Whatya doin' this weekend?

Hanging out with friends, finishing Adam's beanie (I keep getting distracted by a new baby afghan I've cast on! Watch out for it next week too!) Reading the newspaper, baking a cake I've never baked before and trying to get the stains out of Henry's white school shirts. And movie and popcorn night on Saturday night. Cool!

Tell me your three!


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Wander Woman (got bored with the old name)
February 22, 2010 at 1:16 am

1. Highlight of the week: Pretty chuffed at my nephew’s handwriting brilliance. And personal highlight was hanging yesterday at Starbucks with my two favourite girls, people-watching and drinking americano and babyccino.

2. Favourite dinner of the week: Had friends over for dinner yesterday so cooked Annabel Karmel’s chicken sausages, pasta & vegies for kids and balsamic and tomato baked chicken with vegie couscous for elders. All on table together and still warm – miracle! And wonderful company!

3: Weekend plans: warm shoe-shopping for Moscow-bound fella yesterday (hence Starbucks experience above), dinner with lovely friends, attempt to see Botticelli exhibition today but too many people – walked along river instead followed by warming coffee, hung out in arvo doing craft with splendid family hoping the snow melts REALLY soon. Oh and working on first knitting project: G’s scarf.

February 22, 2010 at 10:24 am

1. finally made it to the beach yesterday afternoon – had a great time in the waves and building huge sandcastles ( is it cheating if you use bits someone else has left behind?)

2. cooked a GREAT new dinner on sat night – Morrocan Chicken Stir Fry with Chick peas as well. the kids loved it

3. Little guy remembered it was his sports day today just as he was putting on his school shoes, necessitating a complete change of clothes. he’s more organised than his mother! last week it was library day i had wrong *sigh*

also he got an award last week for finishing his work or working hard or something. he went up to get it in front of the whole school and that’s when i realised his shorts were on back to front…oops…

February 22, 2010 at 9:53 pm

Hi Fiona, I think I may have missed the boat as a new week has begun! Just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I too am looking forward to cooler weather! Love your pasta recipe sounds fantastic, may be on our dinner plan this week. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday ~ Tina x

February 28, 2010 at 8:51 am

Way behind the week, but…
1. My birthday on Monday, in Saigon- sushi dinner with best friends. Very interesting menu, so we ordered for each other- tried to please, without any of the old favourites. Except edamame. Henry slept the first hour and then roamed around with a toy car, flirting with everyone. I swear he thought he was royalty the whole trip- take a blond baby to Vietnam during Chinese New Year, it’s a hoot!
2. See above. Amazing- salmon dynamite, and something about a dragon. Not such a hit- raw quail egg with some sort of fungus, mixed with paint thinner, we think. Rolled in seaweed. Discussion-worthy, and, well, memorable.
3. Sleep. Got in to Heathrow at 6 this morning- thank god for Dave’s folks and sister, who picked us up, brought us home, took Henry grocery shopping and then on a nice long walk, made lunch and dinner and cleaned up, and are now comfy in the little hotel over the road. Wonderful. Also, a few visits tomorrow, (while Dave and his family are at some important football game (Wembley?)) to deliver orchids fresh from Bangkok airport, (are any flowers more fantastical than the green ones?) and have many catch-up cups of tea. And start Henry on the process of readjusting to a world where he’s not mobbed/kissed/photographed by adoring strangers at every turn. (He loved it- you should see his royal wave, could have learned it from Lizzie herself!)
Good night, love you!


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