three things

Three things from me and then hopefully you:

1. Highlight of the week?

Henry Bean getting a merit certificate at school assembly today for excellent handwriting. Could I have been more proud of him? Not possible. 

2. Favourite dinner of the week?

I called Adam at 5pm looking for motivation and inspiration for dinner and he optimistically suggested either salad or some kind of protein and veg combination (he's a healthy man.) I unfortunately ignored all suggestions and cooked my favourite Friday-night-I'm-pooped-and-just-want-pasta dinner: garlic, onion, crispy bacon, sliced button mushrooms, poached chicken, grated cheddar and 2 big spoons of sour cream cooked into creamy yumminess mixed with 100% Australian durum wheat pasta. We make the best pasta in Australia, I don't care what the Italians say. Adam came back for thirds, for the record.

3. Whatya doin' this weekend?

Hanging out with friends, finishing Adam's beanie (I keep getting distracted by a new baby afghan I've cast on! Watch out for it next week too!) Reading the newspaper, baking a cake I've never baked before and trying to get the stains out of Henry's white school shirts. And movie and popcorn night on Saturday night. Cool!

Tell me your three!


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