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So I finally changed my blog's name. No one except my sisters seemed to get the A A Milne 'little smackerel" reference and when MUM claimed to have no recollection of Pooh saying "time for a little smackerel" (meaning a snack, of course) I slumped my shoulders and decided the searches and hits registering on this site relating to heroin should probably stop. ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE "SMACK" GOOGLE SEARCHES. 

Starting tomorrow (I think) you'll be able to get here either via the little smackerel address (which won't change) or alternatively a new address: www.innerpickle.com.au

In other news, here is how I feel pretty much all the time:

Pics by HWW 047

Tilly, on Christmas day last year. 

I'm a mother of two under 5, one of which has special needs, so really, it's hardly surprising to feel knackered. 

Except I've just discovered there is a reason. Apparently my thyroid is cactus. Huh? Isn't that something that happens to old ladies? After two lots of blood tests and three doctors visits, the last of which I blogged about here (failing to mention the time spent wrangling urine sample pots out of Henry's hands) I told Adam they might as well take my thyroid out, the children had killed it. 

Anyway my darling sister in law Rachel stepped in when I suggested that I'd be taking the muppets to a nuclear medicine scan I needed, and babysat, which was fantastic, I thought, as I lay on one of those trolley xray machines having been injected with isotopes and instructed to lay perfectly still don't move a muscle for 20 minutes. AND the room was full of computers. That would have been a debacle with Mr 4-yr-old-techhead. 

Rach stepped in again today when I went back to the doctor to discover I have fabulously fancy-sounding Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (as above, thyroid is cactus) and nodules on the thyroid which need aspirating with fine needles. Oh this just gets better and better. The doctor mentioned goiter which again I'M SURE is something you get if you're old. GOITER? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Let's look it up…

Well I'm sorry I googled THAT.

So now I'm off to an endocrinologist who I think does the needle thing and hopefully drugs. Hard drugs. Because the natural alternative is a bucket load of iodised salt and kelp. Yummy. 

Hope you're all energetic and marvellous. And goiter-free. Happy days.


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