To your very good health






New Year is such a funny time of resolution and shooing out the old year, sometimes regretfully and sometime in deep relief. A new year. With no mistakes in it yet. Hooray!

I've got an unoriginal New Year's resolution at the top of my list. Good health. Not just lose a bit of weight and do more exercise. I mean how about really good health? 

What about if everything you ate was something really nourishing. What if you didn't waste your time with fads and fancies or empty calories or even tasty things that seem worthwhile. What if everything you ate was truly worthwhile? 

Can you imagine how good you'd feel? How much extra energy you'd have? 




I think about this often when I hang out with extravagantly healthy friends. People whose skin glows. You know the ones. They often don't drink coffee or wine and that makes it easy for me to think: their choice not mine. Coffee and wine make the world better. But do they? 

Imagine if for one whole day you ate only nutritionally powerful foods. Oats cooked with cinnamon and grated apple. Soaked almonds. Blueberries. Raw milk yoghurt. Fresh green tea. Pastured eggs, crunchy green leaves, delicious fresh fish or a bone broth or some happy and stress-free chicken or pork, in-season fruit, crunchy pepitas, sunflower, sesame and linseeds. What if you ate only nutitionally powerful foods for a whole month? And didn't waste your time with rubbish that fills you up and takes the place of foods that deliver power to your bones? 

How about a whole year?

I have friends who have recently sent their whole family vegan in order to manage the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. My friend is now completely symptom-free and both she and her husband look about ten years younger than they did six weeks ago. This eating business is powerful stuff.

So we're eating better this year. 

Lots of homegrown vegetables, more raw foods, more lacto-fermented foods, more kefir (thanks to my friend Karina who delivered a teaspoon back to me this afternoon!)

Filtered water without all the chemicals, with the odd capful of apple cider vinegar in it, kimchi, sourdough, homemade cheeses, homegrown garlic, spinach. 

More gardening for me to use my muscles and more yoga to stretch them (I have always always loved yoga, ever since I did my first class in a weird little local hall at sixteen years old.)






We're going to issue a make-it-from-scratch challenge later this year to see how long we can all go with ZERO processed food. We're pretty close, but we think it might be fun if you feel like playing along. 

So how about you? Any resolutions? Do they involve stern nutritional dictates? 

I hope 2013 is an extraordinarily awesome year for you. Full of satisfaction and good things.

To your very, very good health, lovely folk.


PS The photo above is of my sister Naomi, earlier this year when she visited. She is one of the healthiest people I know and she made a big change in the way I ate when she suggested I ditch the honey on sourdough for breakfast and try oats with cinnamon. Suddenly I didn't get hungry again till 1pm. It's always awesome to have an energy coach on hand. 




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