To your very good health

First, thank you for your comments on my last post. I didn't stop to think through that post, obviously, and didn't mean to trigger a wall of concern. In no way was I making light of serious health issues, and for anyone who has suffered a heart attack in the past or suffered any related symptoms that led to serious diagnoses, I trust you know that I wouldn't be so ignorant as to assume a few deep breaths would suffice treatment. Please rest assured that I am seeing a doctor and am in excellent health. 

In other news, I'm prepping for a workshop on Saturday, a From Scratch, and thought I might not have shown you my kitchen! A place I love to be. 




Or my OVEN. (The one on the left.)



I have been seen stroking this mighty machine. All fan, no cold spots, multi tray, temperature accurate to a degree. Is it a wonder I have a crush on it? 

These workshops have blown us away. They're so much fun to run, and we're so grateful people have booked them up. We'll be publishing the new dates for April to June shortly and will be adding in some mid-week dates too. 





We have a big walk around the farm, we harvest produce, and then we go make good stuff. We stop for a lovely lunch, and you take home sourdough starter and a whole bag of things you've made. It's simple and delicious and might inspire you to make a whole lot more stuff from scratch in your own kitchen.

Love to see you here sometime. 

We've just had a last-minute cancellation from this Saturday's workshop, if you'd like to join in you can find all the details over here.



Here's to good food and good health. 


UPDATE (6 hours later): the From Scratch spot has been sold. Again, we're completely humbled by the support we've got. Maybe this whole idea just might fly! xx


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