too many toys

I've been promising myself and the kids that we're going to sort out the toys, give away the ones we don't want and then also give away the ones we don't need. 

Probably like you, we've accumulated so many. And they really play with so few. The puzzles. The Duplo. The trains. The box full of musical instruments. The one with a hammer and balls. The doll's house. The dolls. That's about it. 

So we're underway. 

Here's one that's staying, one of our favourites. It lives on a shelf of toys that still need a bit of supervision, alongside the tiny china tea set and the bottle of bubble mix.


You flick that lever at the bottom and the planes go round and round. Endless fun. A wonderful mechanical toy from Hong Kong, from Henry's god parents, Kevin and Jodi (our favourite Canadians.)

Long live simple battery-free toys!


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