Totally Cheating Christmas Trifle


So what is a festive dessert you can make a couple of days before Christmas when you have a bunch of people coming for dinner and visitors staying and you're still hoping the last online toy order you made will be delivered on time and where on earth is all that Christmas wrapping paper you know you had left from last year?

Totally Cheating Christmas Trifle.

Yes I made it up. No one would publish something with this many pre-prepared items. 

And it was delicious. And unbelievably quick.


Given it is now after Christmas and you may never feel like looking a trifle in the eye again let alone a piece of Christmas cake, I'll index it and you never know, maybe next year?

Totally Cheating Christmas Trifle


800g light fruit cake 

Approx 100ml brandy

450g mixed frozen berries (defrosted) or fresh berries if you like.

500ml vanilla pouring custard

500ml thick brandy custard

fresh cherries and icing sugar to decorate


Cut the fruit cake into cubes and line a glass bowl with them. Pile rest into middle. Soak cake in brandy. Tip in berries. Pour in pouring custard. Spoon on thick brandy custard on top and smooth out. Decorate with fresh cherries and icing sugar.

A trifle festive? 

Any other short cuts, always welcome here thanks!


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