totes mazeballs



A slice for Wednesday, made by Adam, enjoyed on Thursday. A vanilla slice. This one. Pudding-y, velvety and with that tangy passionfruit icing. Small round of applause.


My sister Naomi's oatcakes. Courtesy of our dearly, dearly beloved Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall (I've just ordered his Bread book on Amazon.) The recipe is online over here, Nomie improves them enormously with the addition of sunflower kernals and sesame seeds. They are particularly amazing with apple jelly and cheddar. 


I grew a lettuce! And we ate it! I should say: Dad, Adam and I grew a lettuce as this is a shared garden and come to think of it, I may have only supervised the planting of that particular lettuce and may not have been responsible for it at all beyond bringing home the seedlings. And admiring it daily. Which counts, I think.


I don't typically read this magazine, except to look up my friend Amy's columns in it online sometimes. 

This month, she's written a little bit about our 'Game On' challenge!



How 'bout that. Little old Inner Pickle in House and Garden. Cheering. 

Hope something is making you cheer this week.

It's very nearly Friday?! Hooray!


P.S. Mum, totes mazeballs = 'totally amazing' in teenage speak. Because I am, you know, like so down with that. For shiz.

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