two a penny


Oh, Easter.

You can keep your chocolate eggs, your bunnies and your bilbies, all I need is a hot cross bun. 

Ideally warmed (not toasted), with a lick of proper butter. 




For someone who makes a lot of bread, and buns, and any number of bakery items I just cannot get through the day without, it was weird it'd never occurred to me to make my own hot cross buns.  

I was kinda busy over Easter what with the odd hospital visit and being away, so I made these for the first time this weekend. 

And they're dead quick and easy. 

Just like a bought one. 




I used this recipe, but increased the spice and next time would add a bit more. Also I think they could use a touch more sugar. It is a sweet bun, right? 

And now, I think we might now be officially hot cross bunned out. 

(Until I make these – without crosses –  in a couple of months time, hello current buns!)

So did you make buns this year? 

And more importantly, are all the easter eggs really gone?!



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