two things

One: if you leave a three year old alone they will eventually find something useful to do.

(Even cleaning windows is fun if you don't have to do it.)

Maybe tomorrow I should leave the broom out…




Two: Henry asked me tonight what I would be wearing to the father's day breakfast at school tomorrow. I looked at him blankly and suggested jeans. 

He said no, how about those black things. 

My black trousers? 

No. Black things on your legs with tiny tiny holes. 

You mean stockings?

Yes stockings. I want you to wear stockings. And a skirt. 

It's lucky that both my parents and Adam's were here for dinner tonight so I was able to come downstairs and share the fact my six year old was laying down fashion advice. 

Which I'm sure I need. But really, stockings??

Sure Henry, I'll wear stockings and a skirt. Only if your father stops guffawing. (You wait till he outlaws your favourite mauve polo shirt honey!)

I love it. Sounds like the start of something fun.


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