Farmers’ Market






Wednesdays used to be different. 

I used to make a slice every Wednesday. I’d take it to a friend’s house, and drink tea.

Wednesdays are now a flurry of labelling and last minute baking and packing up and chalk-boarding. At 3pm every Wednesday a bell rings and our weekly farmers’ market starts. 




Of all the things I’ve done in the last year, helping to get this market started is one of the things I’m most proud of. It has the best committee I’ve ever worked with, I love them, and the market is going gang busters. We began in February, it was opened by the Mayor, and my Dad rang the opening bell, which was awesome. It certainly is the Year of Family Farming. 









So every Wednesday we’re not in a comfortable chair nibbling slice or sipping tea. But we’re part of the revolution that’s permanently shifting people from fluorescent-lit aisles of pre-packaged food to buying their food from the people who grow or make it. 


Fb profilePhoto by Tamar Stanford


Is there a Farmers’ Market near you? Do yourself a favour and go and buy some fresh apples. And you could take some home-baked slice for the apple farmer, then you’ll both be making the world better. 


More information about the Kiama Farmers’ Market can be found here.

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