This weekend I

talked to the chickens

made biscuits that weren't for sale (my apologies if you looked for us at Berry Markets, we'll be back next month)

got a babysitter and went out for dinner

saw friends

drank tea

found a new patch of stinging nettles, due for the teapot!

admired Adam's magnificent compost pile

entertained an almost three year old (ours) who was grrrrumpy, all weekend

played with the kids on the swings

watched the kids do crazy dangerous tricks on the flying fox, eek

went to the movies with two favourite girls and saw a cool, unexpected film called "The Angel's Share", have you seen it? It's wonderful.

sat on the front step in the sun with Adam and pulled apart all the garlic for planting

made a batch of brownies and gave them away

made a sponge cake and didn't give it away (more on that tomorrow!)

made a second loaf of sourdough that rose and rose and tasted delicious

learnt that I'd missed a step in the online pigpass registration which meant Adam couldn't take four pigs to the abattoir this afternoon

farewelled Mum and Dad who are off in their van for a fortnight

re-planted a bed of sugar snap peas that our dog Holly had dug a gigantic hole in the middle of… what was she looking for I wonder??

very sadly finished reading "Greenhorns", a book I didn't want to get to the end of that I think I might have to start again immediately. 



Did you? It never really happens here, amongst kids and markets and stuff. I'm grateful when it does. 

Hope you had a moment to do something you enjoyed? 




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