what was wrong with the old vegemite?

So they've made a new Vegemite.


This has raised lots of questions with me. 

Namely: why do we need to improve something that has been awesome for so long? Just coz it's old? 

Isn't the fact that it hasn't changed for so long enough?

Here's the guff from the company. It's Vegemite, but different. 

Yeah, OK.

It's different alright. It looks like Nutella. It tastes like a "soft" version of the full throttle salty, sticky, hard-arsed Vegemite we grew up with on our sarnies.

It's all easy on the throat and will simply wipe off children's faces. No more scrubbing with a washer after a piece of toast. The shame of it.

COME ON!!! This new stuff even needs to be refrigerated after opening. Poor soft high-maintenance new Vegemite. 

Don't be swayed by the novelty. 

It'll be all sweet excitement and then you'll miss the faithful old can and what if it's gone? Swept off the shelf by the new, the creamy, the toned up version. Goneski. THEN you'll be sorry. 

It has cream cheese in it for eff's sake. You think it'll last?

It's botoxed. AND it has an extra preservative in it, 234. (The fact that this is pretty harmless and has no known effect on children means nothing to me. Nothing.)

Go on. Be seduced by the diversion. You'll come back home eventually and your disloyalty will taste as bitter as straight Vegemite (original) on the roof of your mouth. 

In your eye, then 😉


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