what’s hot + what’s not

Every week Loobylu runs a hot/not ring which bloggers join in with. I've never joined but think I might today!



* Gardenias from my front yard. They make the whole place smell delicious. 


* There's a whole lot of Cars action going on at our place. Henry's got another week at home, these last days he has played mostly inside, mostly with these. (He lined them up like this and asked me to take a photo of them.)



* Siblings. In particular the spirited and warm-hearted Matilda. She invented this game (above) for her own amusement, whatever it is, but only she can evoke cackling laughs from Henry with her chicken dance and necklace-as-belt shenanigans.


* Trampoline. This was the first jump, post surgery, this afternoon. I was very reluctant, but gave in with strict supervision. It was a gentle jump, Henry only lasted a couple of minutes. It was a highlight.


* Roast dinner. Specifically: roast beef and potatoes with sweet potato, pumpkin and tiny spanish onion baked in olive oil with some fresh rosemary. After a number of days of the whole family eating soups, we left Henry to the puree version and the rest of us has a roast. Very very HOT. 


* Medicine. Bottles and bottles of various antibiotics and pain medications scripted for a five year old. Looking forward to moving on.

* My de-cluttering effort. Didn't get very far. Planning to revisit this weekend.

* My 20 new things. Really, how many more can I achieve in two short weeks? Never mind, will have a go then maybe re-configure for christmas!

* and


MOZZIES! So not hot. I think the humidity is bringing them out and our backyard is a tad tropical. The kids can't go out unless they have repellent on them!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend… very exciting – next week I'm doing my first giveaway! Tune in and see!

See you then.


5 Comments on “what’s hot + what’s not

Alex Nolan
November 13, 2009 at 11:41 pm

Loving the gardenias Fi! And the cars are cool – which one is Charlie?


Alex Nolan
November 14, 2009 at 3:26 am

oh, and PS.

James thinks that Horrible Histories books are HOT, and school reading books are NOT.

Edward thinks that ham and chocolate buttons are HOT, and doing as you’re told is NOT

William thinks that milk is HOT, and that sleeping and eating are NOT

How’s that for a succinct snapshot of life here at the mo?!!

November 16, 2009 at 10:39 am

We don’t have gardenias in this part of the states, and I’m so bummed because they’re my favorite smell. I try and get my fill of their amazing scent when I visit my sister down in South Carolina. In fact, I just got a white gardenia candle today and I haven’t stopped smelling it since! Also, here in the states, Rid is the name of a head lice remover. When I first saw the Rid bottle under “what’s not”, I was about to feel so horrible for you. I thought you were dealing with head lice on top of everything else! Also, I awarded you the “One Lovely Blog” award. Head over to my blog to accept it and pass it on to a few of your favorite blogs.

November 16, 2009 at 8:56 pm

Alex: Charlie Checker? It’s the yellow one, two up from the big fire engine. he’s a minor character though and it takes some serious hours of car mania to get to Charlie! are your boys into it? Hope Edward’s sleeping and eating improve, you poor thing… that’s not ideal!

Hilary: THANKS SO MUCH!!! That is super sweet of you. And thank goodness it’s only mozzie and not head lice… eek! you freaked me out just suggesting it!

Alex Nolan
November 17, 2009 at 2:10 am

Thanks Fi – It’s William’s sleeping and eating that are all over the pace – although we are trying to do sleep training this week. I’m keeping my sights on next weekend – when we should have broken the back of the screaming all night. Any top tips – we did plain old ignoring with James, Edwad slept brilliantly, and ith William we did: go in, kiss, lie down, stroke back for a minute, leave. Screaming ensued… Oh, and no, my kids ae not into Cars at all – just was looking for a Charlie toy for someone else and wanted to know what he looked like!


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