what’s the haps?



I managed a couple of hours prancing through op shops on Friday (wearing a baby in a backpack, only slightly inhibits prancing) and GUESS WHAT I FOUND?!?! 

Now I don't expect the fellas (hi, you two) or a non-sewer to get this really. But my sewing girls? Check it, an old timing Singer overlocker. $40. Working order. Sweet!

Now I just have to find a copy of the manual online in order to thread it…

I also found this:



It's not just any bible. It's a very very old leather-bound King James. Very exciting. I've never actually read a King James version but it's super historically interesting to me (dork alert, did you forget whose blog you were reading?!) It's gorgeous, I tell you.

And it was from the Salvation Army, who give away bibles, so it was free!

Also this, for 20 cents.


It looks so much like Oliver + S, right? I got excited until I realised I'd done my money on a pattern for a doll's wardrobe. Der. 

'Cept it had this very sweet headscarf, which Tilly spied and begged for. 



And so I dug out my cutting board and made some dodgy measurements and once I can find my sewing machine in the mess which is my office we might progress past this shot…



In other news, we are almost out of water. 

I say this lightly, because I'm a light-hearted kind of girl, but it's actually quite serious. 

We are on tank water and the tank is running almost dry. 

We've started buying drinking water (that was also because as Adam was inspecting the tank he also inspected the water filter and suggested all water drunk here from that point onward be out of our filtered jug (or if you have a wife who panics, make it spring water. Must be Australian. Can you believe some of the water you buy here is shipped in from overseas and just packaged here?? So wrong. Anyway, I digress.)



The good news is, it rained all weekend. 




Back to the search for the sewing machine. 

How are things with you?


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