what’s the haps?



So if you follow us on Facebook you know we got washed out of the Berry market last Sunday, and put up a notice saying we were trading out of a garage on the farm instead. We had a minor panic – a whole market's worth of fresh baked goods? Eek! We announced we'd be trading every afternoon this week on the farm in order to move our stock. We were sold out by Tuesday and baking to fill orders again Wednesday. Yay! 

It's been a big couple of weeks. Here's the gist of it: 

# We had another cracking market at Kiama which is lucky because not only has our mobile coolroom blown up but so has the car. Am motivated to come up with crazy commercial schemes such as truffles! Wasabi! Civet coffee! Left kidney! Presently limiting myself to politely following up debtors. 

# I'm involved in getting a weekly farmers' market off the ground locally and am working with a fabulous bunch of people to do it. I'm loving doing something with people who get stuff done! A local mid-week market would be great for us too, so it's all very cool. 

# I suggested printing some farm t-shirts this week and ran a cheap little idea and costings by Adam who said fine, and maybe there would be some textile workers just emerging from the rubble of the collapsed Bangladesh garment factory who could make us a bunch of t-shirts, what an excellent idea. He's right, there's no such thing as a cheap t-shirt. We should never consciously be part of something where someone's not getting paid properly unless it's us. Back to the drawing board.

# The geese have been sighted, according to a dude at the Fire Brigade meeting, on a nearby farm. Investigations continue. 

# We were on a little TV spot over here. I was, unfortunately, apparently wearing an entirely see-through dress and my hair is unrecognisably kempt, but Adam, it has to be said, always looks good weeding. 


# We're off to a scarecrow festival in Milton tomorrow. We plan to get some inspiration and come home and make one to scare away the Goshawk eating our meat chickens. A scarecrow festival. What a fabulous idea. 


# Ivy had a bit of a fall and banged up her head and went to daycare and told them she 'fell into the witches cauldron' which is true, although it's an old cooking pot on the back verandah, not actually a cauldron, and that information went down an absolute treat at daycare on top of the 'Mum threw me into the chicken yard' story last week. I didn't actually throw her, I was dropping her over the electric netting fence and at the last second she didn't put her feet down and fell on her face. (She wasn't hurt, I hasten to add.) Cue a call from Family Services? 

# The concrete slab was poured on Mum and Dad's house block which means we're one significant step closer to being out of our two-room loft and into the farmhouse. 

# The kids were thrilled when my Dad came home from the hospital after having cataract surgery yesterday with an eye patch and were led to believe he'd had surgery to become a pirate. Helped greatly by a lot of 'ahoy me hearties' from Grandpa.

# We have a winter garden, with radish, and rocket, and rhubarb, and soon more carrots, and onions and fennel. Yum.

# We're borrowing a boar and hiring a coolroom and thanking Adam's parents from the bottom of our hearts for giving us their old car. We're designing a commercial-kitchen-garage-conversion and watching the garlic planted in the market garden rise up and plaiting little girls' hair and nibbling chicken pie and reheating cups of tea and loving this life. Oh what a beautiful morning. 

You too? 


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